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Induction Furnance Waste Slag In France

Coke gas.Coke gas is a by-product of industrial coke production from coal created by high-temperature pyrolytic distillation of coking coal.The gas mainly consists of hydrogen 50-60, methane 15-50, a small percentage of carbon monoxide, carbon and nitrogen.With a calorific value of 5 kwhnm 3, coke gas constitutes a high-value fuel for effective power generation with jenbacher gas.

Increasing Performance At Hk S Anode Furnace

Increasing performance at hks anode furnace english.Production of marketable gypsum from waste weak acid - saving of disposal space and costs.Ante, a.Brockl,.Composite furnance module cooling systems in the electric slag cleaning furnance.Kyllo, a.K.Gray, n.B.Montgomerie, d.H.Filzwieser, a.| 2005.

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